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3 Reasons You Should Consider Traveling Nursing In Westwood

3 Reasons You Should Consider Traveling Nursing In Westwood

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Many elements go into deciding where you’ll transition from nursing to traveling nursing. Certainly, money and opportunity for career growth play a big role in your decision. As do convenience and support (including access to high-quality food and furnished apartments in Los Angeles). You might also want to end up in a place that allows you to socialize and to take in the local culture. It’s for all these reasons and more that many nurses choose to look for traveling nursing jobs in West LA. 

1. Large Medical Centers In Los Angeles 

To say that the West LA/ Westwood area is teeming with career opportunities for traveling nurses is an understatement. Nurses who travel here to work have their pick of major hospitals, like 

  • The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 

  • The UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital 

  • The UCLA Medical Center 

  • The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 

  • The Saint John’s Health Center 

  • The Marina Del Ray Hospital 

  • Etc. 

Our list doesn’t even include the number of clinics and other medical facilities that would love to have the expertise that a traveling nurse often provides. According to Medbelle, Los Angeles ranks No. 2 in the country in the Best Hospital City category. 

Additionally, the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center is a teaching hospital. For traveling nurses who want to learn the latest technology or to have the opportunity to do research, this offers an additional career opportunity. 

Healthcare and healthy living is the next level here. 

2. Plenty of Dining Options Around Westwood 

For foodies, West LA is certainly a yummy place to live. From the restaurants in Japantown to places like A Family Affair Southern Cuisine, living in one of the Westwood apartments puts traveling nurses in the center of Foodville. 

But while having access to some of the best restaurants in California, as well as to places like the West LA Farmers’ Market is a foodie’s dream, there are other equally important reasons to be excited about the food options in Westwood. 

Being a traveling nurse is challenging, and not just from a work perspective. Emotionally, it’s challenging, too. Many traveling nurses spend a lot of time away from family and friends. Having a few places where they can go and eat foods that remind them of home is a big benefit. 

Having so many eateries (along with some nice furnished apartments in Los Angeles) is also helpful from a work scheduling standpoint, too. After a while, hospital cafeteria food starts to taste the same if you eat it day after day. In this case, nearby eateries are a welcome change for tired hospital staff. 

3. Endless Entertainment Options Around Westwood 

There’s no doubt about it. In West LA, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Entertainment activities certainly, abound here. 

On any given day, it’s possible to land in places like the Wende Museum or the La Brea Tar Pits for a look around. Thursday night is free night at the Skirball Cultural Center, where it’s possible to listen to different talks or catch a film showing. 

For those here in the summertime, there’s the Twilight Concert Series in Santa Monica and the boardwalk to explore in Venice. The science-minded love the UCLA Meteorite Collection, while true beach lovers can’t get enough of bonfires on the beach. 

Part of being an effective traveling nurse is having the opportunity for some downtime, and West LA’s entertainment offerings go a long way to ensuring that a nurse’s downtime here is every bit as rewarding as her uptime. 

More About Being a Traveling Nurse in Westwood 

If you’re a traveling nurse who’s ready to move to West LA to work, furnished apartments in Los Angeles provide an important gateway into the medical community. At the Wilshire Margot Westwood Apartments, traveling nurses find furnished co-living master suites with 31-day or longer rental options that make settling into work life in West LA comfortable and easy. 

Contact us today for more information. 

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