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A Guide To Navigating the Rental Market in Today's Digital World

A Guide To Navigating the Rental Market in Today’s Digital World

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Westwood is home to UCLA’s main campus, many businesses, and beautiful apartment complexes such as Wilshire Margot. If you plan to move to the area, you may wonder about the best way to find an apartment that meets your needs. Fortunately, you can find apartments through numerous avenues available to you online. 

With the tips below, you can find an apartment close to shopping, dining, and entertainment venues as well as work and family. Google Maps, social media, and Internet Listing Sites (ILS) are the best ways to start your search. 

Google Maps Gives You a Bird's Eye View 

Google Maps provides an overview of Westwood Apartments. Further, it gives you an idea of what the neighborhood has to offer. If you want to be close to school or work, consider the following search phrases: 

  • Westwood apartments near (work address) 

  • Best apartments in Westwood 

  • Apartments near (schools, parks, and amenities) 

You can use Google Maps to find apartment buildings in your target area. This search may even lead you to the perfect apartment for you. However, it's also a good idea to check out ILS such as and for a full picture of your options and what they have to offer. 

Internet Listing Sites 

You can use Craig’s List and other local directories to find apartments. However, using dedicated internet listing sites gives you the widest selection based on your criteria. 

Here are some tips on some of the most popular ILS used to find Westwood apartments: 

  • has the largest number of listings. You can search by price, bedroom number, move-in date, rental type, lifestyle, and amenities. 

  • has numerous local townhomes and condo rentals. You can filter on bedrooms and bathrooms, price, pet-friendliness, and community type. 

  • Trulia Neighborhood Searches gives you a listing of apartments based on location, price, square footage, pets allowed, bedrooms and bathrooms, rental type, furnished/unfurnished housing, amenities, and more. 

  • City rentals has a wide search selection based on location, price, number of beds/bathrooms, type of rental, pets allowed, photo availability, keyword search, and more. 

  • Zillow helps you find the best deals based on the widest range of search criteria. 


Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram are two of the best platforms for digital apartment hunting due to their popularity and ease of use. 

Use Facebook Marketplace to search for apartments in Westwood with the right rent and location criteria. Alternatively, you can search for apartments two ways on Instagram. Type ‘apartments for rent’ or ‘apartments in Westwood’ in the application’s Search Box, or use hashtags like @apartmentWestwood for more inspiration. 

Bottom Line 

Westwood is one of the most affluent Los Angeles neighborhoods. As such, it's important to find the best apartment that meets all of your criteria. It's easy to compare your living options using digital tools such as internet listing sites and social media. 

We highly recommend that you take a virtual tour of Wilshire Margot today to explore our floorplans and amenities first-hand. You don’t even have to leave home to see what’s on offer at our Westwood apartments. 

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