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Summertime Activities and Attractions in and Near Westwood Los Angeles
If you’re residing in or near Westwood, Los Angeles, or you’ll be visiting this area during the summer months, you may be looking for the best summertime activities and attractions. When you use the suggestions found in our helpful quick guide, you’ll be able to enjoy some fun things to do, none of which are prohibitively expensive. 
By checking out some excellent activities that will allow you to bask in the LA sun (or cool off in air-conditioned comfort), you’ll be able to make the most of your entire Westwood experience. 
Hammer Museum
The Museum is situated at the northeast corner of Westwood Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard, within bustling Westwood Village. You may access Hammer Museum by the 405 freeway’s Wiltshire exit, which is just a few blocks from the museum.  
Founded by Armand Hammer, the renowned Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture is Westwood’s most prominent art museum, and it houses Armand Hammer’s own esteemed collection of paintings and other works of art. This museum is operated by UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture. 
Featuring three levels of exhibits and 79,000 square feet of floor space, this huge museum is the perfect escape from the summer heat. Explore the beauty of historical and contemporary art at this dazzling showplace.   
Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden
This “living museum” is the perfect place to relax and to drink in plenty of natural beauty while visiting Westwood. Also connected with UCLA, the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden (MEMBG) is home to a wealth of stunning and fascinating rare plants. As a shining example of biodiversity, this facility provides a range of educational services to its visitors. If you want to learn about plants and how they play such an important role in our world, you’ll really enjoy your trip to this unique botanical garden. 
Saffron & Rose Ice Cream – No summer trip to Westwood will be complete without a trip to the unique and innovative ice cream parlour known as Saffron & Rose. This gourmet ice cream emporium features flavors that range from sweet and delicate to spicy and savory. 
Treat yourself to a cone that you may enjoy while you stroll, or enjoy your ice cream treat in-house. Created to meet the needs of people with more refined palates, this local ice cream parlour also features basic flavors for less adventurous gourmets. 
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Now that you know more about how to find the best summertime activities and attractions in Westwood, Los Angeles, you’ll be ready to make the most of your time in this exciting region.