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Off-Campus Housing At UCLA: What You Need To Know

Off-Campus Housing At UCLA: What You Need To Know

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UCLA housing opportunities can be competitive, but the off-campus apartments at Wilshire Margot offers everything you need if you're considering nearby Westwood apartments. 

Areas in Westwood 

A pleasant mix of commercial and residential units, Westwood is home to UCLA and situated near Bel Air, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, and Bentwood. UCLA students typically reside on or near the UCLA campus, including among the many sub-neighborhoods of Westwood. These include: 

UCLA Campus 

The campus itself offers on-campus housing mainly to undergraduate students and off-campus housing for graduate students of the university. These dwellings are typically furnished. 

Westwood Village 

Westwood Village has a vibe. Considered one of the best places to eat in Westwood, much of the architecture reflects the 1920s and 1930s aesthetics. This neighborhood includes the famed Hammer Museum. 

Wilshire Corridor 

The Wilshire Corridor is a stretch of Westwood that connects it with Beverly Hills. The other upside: most of the construction is new. If you're looking for a modern, contemporary feel and a location close to UCLA, this is it! 

If you're interested in choosing the Wilshire Corridor as your UCLA housing solution, consider Wilshire Margot. This apartment community offers lease opportunities ideal for UCLA students. 

  • Fully furnished apartments: Ideal for students who don't want to incur moving costs or who are looking for temporary housing space due to school, fully furnished apartments provide all the necessary furniture you'll need to feel comfortable in off-campus apartments near UCLA. Just like in dormitories or on-campus UCLA apartments, you'll only have to worry about the other belongings you'd like to bring, such as clothes, bathroom supplies, pots and pans, and computers. Additionally, our furnished apartments are spacious and modern. Recently renovated, our building and staff have received positive reviews about the proximity to UCLA, our willingness to help and listen, and our new, stylish furniture — as well as the cost compared to larger, fully furnished rentals. 

  • 31-day leases: Even if you only need a place to stay for a single semester, Wilshire Margot has you covered. We offer leases for as little as 31-day time periods, meaning you're not going to be stuck in a housing situation for longer than you can afford. We get it — school semesters and special study programs aren't year-long, and your needs as a student or visiting professor require a solution that works for you at this time in your life. 

  • Pretty proximity to UCLA: Under a mile away from UCLA, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach campus on foot, about 15 minutes by public transit, and just a few minutes by car. While Wilshire Margot isn't on campus, it may as well be. Wilshire Margot is located to the east of campus, on the other side of Hillgard Avenue. 

Additionally, Wilshire Margot frequently offers leasing specials! Live in a luxury building and save money on your rent? What more could you want? Contact our leasing team and find out more about how you can save.

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